<![CDATA[Random Things - Ask Abby!]]>Sat, 16 Jan 2016 18:25:46 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Homemade Lunch]]>Mon, 10 Aug 2015 03:19:19 GMThttp://randomideasandstuff.weebly.com/ask-abby/august-09th-2015Dear Jimmy Macer,
  Okay. So, the question was: "If you wanted to make a homemade lunch for someone, what would it consist of? And how would you present it?"
  You really come up with interesting questions. Thanks.
  To tell the truth, I don't have that much experience with making meals for people. I'm not such a good cook, and I really only know how to bake simple cakes or cookies. But, if that person really deserved a homemade lunch, a homemade lunch they would have!
  One of the only things I really do know how to prepare is eggs. Deviled eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs, yeah. So, I'm pretty sure the lunch would consist of eggs and rice. 'Cause who doesn't like rice?
  I think it would be very quite likely that the person I'd be preparing lunch for would be in my family, so i would just set up the table nicely, and tell them that lunch is ready. 
 This wouldn't be a very fancy lunch, but I'm pretty sure it would be at least enjoyable. Thanks for asking, Jimmy. Sorry for taking so awfully long to respond.
<![CDATA[First Question-Imagine the Colors]]>Tue, 28 Jan 2014 15:21:23 GMThttp://randomideasandstuff.weebly.com/ask-abby/first-question-imagine-the-colorsDear Jimmy Macer,
   First of all-thank you for asking such an interesting question. It's a fun one to think about, and I'm almost surprised I hadn't thought of it before.

   To repeat the question: "If you had to choose between purple, gray, and orange, what color would you paint your imagination?" 

   Off the top of my head I would say orange. Even though gray isn't a bad color, and purple seems to fit my imagination a little better, i would just say orange. It's an uplifting color that can be appealing to male and female, and I personally think it looks nice. Also, you know how when people paint something, it's not just for themselves to see, it's also for others to see? Sometimes things are painted for the sole purpose of having other people approve of it. If I painted my imagination, I would want it to be a color that shows how i want it to affect other people. For me, I want to use my imagination in a way that it can please others of either gender. Whether it be through a poem, story, joke, or even choice of quote. Orange is quite close to yellow, and yellow is often used to represent heaven. In that way, I want to point people towards God, even if it's not obvious.
  So, to answer your question, I would paint my imagination orange. it's appealing, bright, and almost symbolic in a way.


<![CDATA[Stuff!]]>Mon, 27 Jan 2014 11:19:32 GMThttp://randomideasandstuff.weebly.com/ask-abby/stuffDear...Everybody,
   So... This is a little bit new to me. I'm not even so sure yet if I should even do this on a blog-type page or not! For now I'm just trying out new things because I haven't been putting things up on this website lately, and it makes me feel guilty for letting you guys get bored. 
    Well, then. getting to the point. Ask Abby is going to be a page for questions-from you- and answers-from yours truly. Just put your questions in the comments. I'll try my best to answer these questions often.